Tile Arrangements

Play with composition and color and arrange our tiles to suit your personality and project. We love the versatility of this line.

Standard sizes: 12" square, 12" x 24", 24" x 24"

Minimum thickness: 3/4"

Maximum thickness: 2"

Finishes: lacquer or wax

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Color Study: antique red, blue, rosa morada
TA#1 Bright Turquoise, Vermilion, Whitewash
TA#2 Bright Turquoise, Vermilion, Whitewash, Old Gold
TA#3 Whitewash, Bright Turquoise, Vermilion, Old Gold
TA#4 Bright Turquoise, Whitewash, Vermilion, Old Gold
TA#5 Orange, Whitewash, Charcoal
TA#6 Vermilion, Olive, Charcoal
TA#7 Charcoal, Olive, Old Gold
TA#8 Bright Turquoise, Charcoal, Whitewash, Vermilion
TA#9 Bright Turquoise, Whitewash, Old Gold, Orange
TA#10 Olive, Whitewash, Orange
Color Riot edition #2
Left • Parota | Right • Ruby
Left • Parota | Right • Ruby
Top • Ruby | Middle • Parota | Bottom • Gold
Cleated plywood backed installation.
Top • Gold and Ruby | Bottom • Gold and Parota